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Upholstery Cleaning

Stains are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do about it once coffee, chocolate, or even blood land on your beloved furniture. The local Manchester cleaners have a great track record of cleaning really tough stains in the fastest and safest manner possible.

The professionals will bring child- and pet-friendly detergents, modern tools of the trade, and will apply a variety of cleaning methods to eradicate blemishes from any type of fabric. At the end of your session, you will also receive free advice on how to safeguard your upholstery in the future.

In a world of busy schedules, Fantastic Cleaners makes life for everyone simpler by offering workday, weekend, bank holiday, and even same-day appointments upon request. For your peace of mind, each of the diligent cleaners will also own a branded vehicle and uniform, as well as carry an ID badge for easy recognition. In addition, their work is also fully insured.

When it comes to cleaning stains, we have developed several highly efficient methods of removing them from any type of synthetic or organic fabric, including wool, leather, suede, nylon, and more. Upon request, we can also spray your upholstery with a protection spray or bring an air mover system for free to dry it out significantly faster than it would dry on its own.

Whether you’re in need of footstool, headboard, settee, Ottoman sofa or armchair cleaning, the Manchester professional will always find a way to deal with your situation, eliminating dust mites and unpleasant odours in addition to the stains themselves. To do so, the technician will inspect your upholstery to determine its material and will pretreat all stains with suitable products, depending on their origin. He will then proceed to refresh your furniture by performing:

  • Hot water extraction – The most effective way to remove your stains, as long as the fabric allows it. A special machine will be used to inject hot water inside your upholstery’s fabric. 95% of the moisture will get extracted back along with the entirety of the stain.
  • Dry solvent cleaning – Recommended for fabrics that are too delicate to be treated with water. The expert will apply a fast-acting solvent under high pressure. A powerful vacuum machine will then be used to remove the solvent and all weakened stains.
  • Dry foam cleaning – After using a pre-conditioning spray, the professional will spin a rotating brush to safely apply a special foamy substance, which will crystalise in about 10 minutes. The foam is then vacuumed off, along with all the dirt and stains on the surface.
  • Leather treatment – After choosing an appropriate product based on your leather finish, the upholstery technician will proceed to gently rub it into the fabric using cotton cloths.
 Upholstery Steam cleaningUpholstery Dry cleaning
Armchair £20 £47
Two-seated Sofa £33 £66
Three-seated Sofa £39 £78
Sofa by seat £13 £26
Dinning chair £7 £26
Office chair £4  

*The use of this service is subject to certain T&C and minimum charges. All price rates are applicable for areas within Greater Manchester.

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