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Pressure Washing

Tending after your patio or driveway can, at times, feel like an uphill battle. This is especially true during the colder months when algae, moss, dead leaves, and dirt seem to be in endless supply. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the minute, simply contact our cleaning company. The local experts will use efficient pressure washers and a total of zero chemicals to restore the shine of your patio without harming your pets, plants, or expending gallons of perfectly drinkable water.

The Manchester cleaners are trained to use industrial-grade jet washers that are capable of cleaning a wide range of surfaces, including natural stone or limestone garden paths, deckings, concrete surfaces, tarmac driveways and more. We are also available for any day of the week, weekends and bank holidays included. To make matters even more convenient, we offer a 10% discount for our jet washing service whenever you book it together with our one-off cleaning!

In order to perform the service, the trained technician will need to connect the equipment to a water source – any external or internal tap inside your property should do the trick. He will then proceed to methodically rinse all mud tracks, moss, oil stains, and leaves away until the natural colours of your surface are restored. In case the driveway cleaning specialist needs to jetwash a path, he will always make sure to fill in any visible cracks with kiln dried sand to prevent the growth of pesky weeds. You will be invited to inspect the work as soon as the job is done.

A minimum charge of £50 applies for all areas that are up to 20 square metres big. For larger areas, we will charge an extra £2.50 per each additional square metre.

*The use of this service is subject to certain T&C and minimum charges. All price rates are applicable for areas within Greater Manchester.

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