Count on the Fantastic Oven Cleaners in Manchester to Make Your Cooker Look as New

Why not cook a delicious hearty meal in a spotless grease-free oven and see the difference?

Maintaining and cleaning your oven on a regular basis will help prolong its life and improve its efficiency. But how often do you find the time to clean the stove at home? Understandably, most people skip this particular house chore and leave it for when it can no longer wait because it consumes a great deal of effort. Well, with Fantastic Cleaners Manchester, you can rely on a high-standard deep oven cleaning service as regularly as you wish and even benefit from some discounts in the process. We have the expertise and equipment to clean all types of cookers, ovens, hobs and BBQs in an efficient manner and with outstanding results.

We are a recognisable cleaning company with years of experience in providing a wide range of domestic services. In partnership with qualified and fully trained teams of hard-working oven cleaners, we can offer you affordable one-off or regular no time limited solutions, which are designed to restore and/or maintain your cooking appliances to a showroom condition.


The skilled and insured technicians apply the dip tank cleaning method and use professional industry-tested detergents, tools and equipment. They boast diligence and strong attention to detail, as well as always offer a flexible approach so they can meet your express requirements. Please, note that prior to booking a BBQ cleaning or oven cleaning service with us, you will be provided with a free quote based on the type and size of your cooking appliance.

To begin with, the specialist puts on a pair of overshoes and covers the floor surface around your cooker to safeguard it against splatters. Then, all the removable parts are taken out of your appliance and dipped in a tank filled with an oven cleaning detergent. While they soak, the technician degreases the oven chamber and scrubs the burnt on deposits off the interior walls.

The glass door is also thoroughly cleaned at this stage. The oven is then, wiped and polished on the inside and outside, including the stovetop. Subsequently, all trays, racks and control knobs are scrubbed, rinsed, dried and put back in place. Your extractor hood is also meticulously cleaned, upon request.The Fantastic oven cleaner completes the service by testing the cooker to confirm that it functions how it should.

As BBQ cleaning involves similar procedures, you can combine the two services and make some savings in the process.

Oven Cleaning Prices

Single oven, including two racks £49
Single oven + hob + extractor £74
Double Oven £67
Extractor £14
Microwave oven £14
Gas Hob (4 burners) £18
Ceramic Hob (4 burners) £15
Range Oven – 90cm £81
Range Oven – 100-110cm £97
Range Hob £24
Range Extractor £24

BBQ Cleaning Prices

BBQ small £40
BBQ (70-110 cm) £69
BBQ large (over 110 cm) £83

*The use of this service is subject to certain T&C and minimum charges. All price rates are applicable for areas within Greater Manchester.

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