Forget About Shaky Ladders – We’ll Clean Your Gutters from the Ground!

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are one of the most crucial components of any home. Without them, rainwater will be quick to damage your rooftop or cause puddles in your basement. Unfortunately, due to its often inaccessible location, it’s not easy to tell if your guttering system has any issues until a leak occurs. Cleaning it can also be risky as you will need a pretty high ladder to get within reach.

If you’re dealing with badly clogged gutters, call Fantastic Cleaners to the rescue. The gutter cleaning veterans have what it takes to quickly free your gutters and downpipes from branches, dirt, leaves, insects and anything else that may have snuggled inside. Our service is not limited in time, so the experts will spend as many hours as needed until everything is as good as new.

Convenience lies at the heart of everything Fantastic Cleaners does. That is why you will never see any of the professionals climbing ladders. Instead, they will use a powerful vacuum cleaner with an extendible pole that can reach up to the fourth storey of any property (up to 12 metres). This will ensure the safety of the local cleaners and will protect your property against damages.


We won’t use chemicals of any kind as the equipment is powerful enough to vacuum everything clean. In addition, the machine comes with a small camera at its end, which the team will use to monitor their work and take before and after photos of your gutters. The specialists also have a very flexible schedule and can get the job done for any workday, weekend, or bank holiday.

Our gutter cleaning services are suitable for a wide variety of properties, including terraced, end-of-terrace, detached and more. The Manchester team will start your treatment by taking photos of your drainage system and surveying it for damaged areas. They will then extend the vacuum cleaner to a suitable height and safely dispose of all fallen objects within your gutters.


The experts will clean all downpipes in your property as well, as long as they are located above the ground. Once the job is done, the technicians will take post-cleaning pictures and let you compare the results. To ensure that your home will remain protected against future downpours or snowmelts, you will also receive a one month guarantee for any work done by the team.


Please note: The guarantee is only valid for new blockages and excludes cleaning of any new debris that may have fallen during that period.

Single level properties:Properties on two levels:Properties on three levels:
Terraced House – £37 Terraced House – £57 Terraced House – £79
End-of-terrace – £47 End-of-terrace – £67 End-of-terrace – £89
Semi-detached – £57 Semi-detached – £77 Semi-detached – £109
Detached house – £77 Detached house – £87 Detached house – £92
Bungalow – £31    

*The use of this service is subject to certain T&C and minimum charges. All price rates are applicable for areas within Greater Manchester.

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