Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if my regular cleaner falls sick?

A: Don’t worry. We will arrange for a substitute cleaner to execute the service for as long as they need to.

Q: When is the best time to contact you if there is a problem with my cleaning service?

A: Please, contact the customer service team at a time that is convenient for you. Our hotlines are open 24/7. You can also get in touch via our live chat or for less urgent matters, please, use the online contact form on this website.

Q: Are the cleaners fully checked prior to joining your team?

A: Each cleaner is interviewed in person and background checked for your peace of mind.

Q: How can I cancel my appointment?

A: We kindly ask you to inform us about your change of plans at least 48 hours in advance.

Q: Is there a minimum term to agree to when booking a regular cleaning service?

A: No. There isn’t a minimum term. If you no longer require our regular cleaning services, simply notify us 7 days in advance.

Q: Am required to provide anything for the service?

A: Your cleaning technician will need access to your property in the instances when you cannot meet them in person. We also ask our customers to organise a parking space near their property (for most specialised services) to avoid incurring additional parking fees, which will be at their expense.

Q: What about payment? What methods do you accept?

A: Our preferred payment method is with a debit/credit card. We also accept cash. Please, note that when you pay for the service with a card, we will need your details upfront. Your card will not be charged, however, until the job has been completed.

Q: Can I change the time and/or date of my cleaning appointment?

A: Yes. Please, give us a sufficient notice prior to your session (48 hours in advance). Note that if you need to make alterations to a regular non-specialist cleaning visit, the same maid may not be able to change her weekly schedule at short notice. In that case, we will send a replacement cleaner for you.

Q: Is it OK if I modify my regular cleaning task list?

A: Yes. Simply contact our office and discuss the changes you need to make with us. The same applies if you need to skip/reschedule a regular appointment. Just inform us 48 hours in advance. Please, note that a regular maid is not trained and does not have the equipment to execute specialist cleaning services, such as exterior window cleaning, steam carpet/upholstery cleaning, deep oven cleaning, etc.

Q: Do I need to be at home during a cleaning service?

A: No. For regular cleaning services, you can supply your maid with a key or provide her with any other entry instructions during the initial cleaning visit. For regular specialist and one-off deep cleaning services, you can arrange for other means of access: drop a key at the office, organise a key pickup, or ask a neighbour to open the door for us. Please, note that it is advisable that you are at home at the end of a one-off specialist cleaning service, if possible, to inspect the cleaner’s performance (ex: end of tenancy cleaning).

Q: Can I trust the maid and provide her with a key to access my property during her regular visits?

A: Of course. All cleaners are fully vetted and trusted to perform their duties without supervision. We regularly monitor their job performance and provide them with your specific entry instructions if you cannot be present during the service.

Q: What is the earliest/latest slot for your cleaning services?

A: The Fantastic teams of cleaning operatives cover different slots throughout the day, starting from 7am up until 8-9pm latest finishing time. Please, note that we also operate at weekends and on public holidays.

Q: Do you bring all the equipment to do the job?

A: Yes. The cleaning operatives are equipped with professional cleaning machines and tools, as well as bring all the cleaning products and detergents that they need to execute a specialist or one-off deep cleaning service. We only ask you to provide your regular maid with your own domestic cleaning equipment and with the detergents you are most comfortable using at home. This makes our regular cleaning services more efficient, less time-consuming and more convenient for you, as you know best what cleaning products are most suited to your household needs. If you wish, however, your regular maid can bring her own detergents every time at a small extra charge.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Fantastic Cleaners holds Public Liability Insurance and all the cleaning operatives, we work with, are also fully insured.

Q: Do you clean skylights?

A: Yes. As long as they are accessible and can be reached with our water-fed extension pole window cleaning system, we will be happy to make them sparkling again. If not, we can always wash them on the inside for you.

Q: Do you do oven repairs?

A: We specialise in professional deep oven cleaning services and oven repairs are outside the oven technicians’ expertise. However, they will be happy to complete simple tasks for you upon request, such as changing the oven light bulb.

Q: Can I ask my maid to collect my dry cleaning?

A: Yes, if the dry cleaners are located within a 5-minute walking distance from your property and the booked hours allow for the task to be completed.

Q: What if the carpet stains reappear?

A: Our advanced carpet cleaning methods and equipment successfully remove tough stains and restore the fresh look of your carpeting even in high-traffic areas. However, some stains may be impossible to eliminate completely, due to their previous incorrect or belated treatment. Please, do not hesitate to ask you carpet cleaning technician for additional post-service and aftercare advice and information. In addition, take advantage of our carpet protection solutions to avoid new stain formations in the future.

What if I can't supply a parking permit or cant advise of any suitable parking around my property?

Good news - we actually travel with the public transport, when it comes to weekly or fortnightly services. So you will only need to advise of a suitable day & time to arrange your service for. C

Q: What should I do if it happens that my landlord has issues with the service and is reluctant to return my security deposit in full?

A: Our no time limited end of tenancy cleaning services come with a convenient 72-hour deposit back guarantee for your peace of mind. So, if a cleaner has accidentally missed a small area, they will come and rectify the issue within this time period. We always advise our clients to inspect their property at the end of the initial service while the cleaner(s) is/are still present.

Q: Can I ask you to steam clean my mattresses?

A: Yes. Simply notify us about your specific requests during the booking process by completing our contact form or by calling us. A customer care specialist will contact you shortly and discuss your individual needs. Please, note that you can always combine more than one service and book professional steam cleaning for your carpets, upholstered furniture and mattresses at the same time and make some savings in the process.

Q: Do you clean commercial properties?

A: Yes. Most of our cleaning services are suitable for domestic and commercial properties.

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